Volvo has partnered with Amazon Key to introduce In-Car Delivery


Volvo and Amazon are now making it so you that you can seamlessly and easily receive packages safely and on your terms. No matter whether you’re at home or at work, or just on the go, it is easy to have your Amazon packages delivered straight to your vehicle thanks to Volvo On Call and Amazon Key App.  This makes Volvo the first European premium car manufacturer to offer in-car delivery in the US. Volvo is giving you the opportunity to unlock convenience.


Getting what you need, when you need it has never been easier. All you have to do is shop on the Amazon mobile shopping app or website for items that are eligible for this type of delivery, select the in-car delivery option at checkout, and have your packages delivered straight to your Volvo. With Amazon Key, your vehicle will be securely accessible to the delivery driver. In addition, you can check your vehicle access within the Volvo On Call app.


Here’s the step by step process:


1.            Link your accounts

Download the Amazon Key App and follow steps to link your Amazon Prime and Volvo On Call accounts.

2.            Eligibility

Make sure you are using the most current version of the Volvo on Call app and your subscription plan is active. Manage your subscription plan and preferences in the Volvo On Call app. Amazon Prime members with an expired Volvo on Call subscription are eligible for a one-year complimentary subscription.

3.            Order online

Shop on the Amazon mobile shopping app or website for eligible items and select in-car delivery at checkout.

4.            Overview at a glance

Volvo On Call provides you with an overview of your upcoming access and car related services.

5.            Get notified directly

Before the delivery, the Amazon Key and Volvo On Call apps will notify you when the delivery driver is on his way to delivery your package.

6.            Delivery to your car

When receiving a delivery for that day, make sure to park within range of your delivery address (see your Amazon Key App for details), and a delivery driver will deliver your package at the scheduled time.

7.            Safe & secure delivery

You will be notified when the delivery is completed and the car is safely locked

This option is only available for customers with vehicles model year 2015 or newer. In addition, you’ll need to have an active Volvo On Call subscription and an Amazon Prime membership in order to be eligible to participate in In-Car Delivery.

Receiving deliveries while at home or away is simple with In-Car Delivery. Contact Jaguar Land Rover Porsche Volvo of Greenville for more information about In-Car Delivery.

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