Porsche Presents VR Entertainment for the Back Seat Thanks to “Holoride”


Thanks to virtual reality technology, people will be able to discover the universe from the back seat of a Porsche. Thanks to the “holoride” you can see will show what entertainment could look like in the future for passengers in a Porsche.

The aim of the joint project between Porsche and “holoride” is to give passengers the opportunity to be able to immerse themselves in virtual entertainment worlds. In order to do this, a VR headset with sensors is paired to the vehicle so that its content can be adapted to the car’s driving movements in real time.

For instance, if the car is being driven around the curve, the space shuttle that the passenger is virtually travelling in will also change direction. This results in a highly immersive experience. It also helps to significantly reduce the symptoms of motion sickness. In the future, the system will also, for example, be able to evaluate navigation data in order to adapt the length of a VR game to the potential duration of the ride. Furthermore, the technology can be used to integrate other entertainment services such as films or virtual conferences for productivity in the passenger seat.

The “holoride” software makes it possible to offer elastic content. This is a new form of media especially designed for use in vehicles, in which the content adapts to driving time, motion and context. The startup’s business model uses an open platform approach, all while allowing other car manufacturers and content producers to benefit from this technology.

“holoride” aims to bring this new form of entertainment using commercially available VR headsets in the rear seats of the car to market in the next three years. With further development, traffic events can also become part of the experience in the long term. For example, a stop light stops could then be unexpected obstacles in the plot of the game or interrupt a learning program with a short quiz.

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